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Our Services

Green World Landscaping Svcs Inc. Providing quality Lawn Care and Landscaping services for residential and commercial properties.

Some of the services we offer include.

  • Masonry 

  • Spring & Fall Clean-ups

  • Gutter Cleaning 

  • Weekly/Bi-weekly Lawn Maintenance

  • Trimming shrubs

  • Screened Loam &  Mulch

  • Tree/Shrub Planting

  • Sod & Seed Lawns

  • Aeration &Dethatching

  • Drain Connection

  • Snow removal 

  •  Hardscaping & much more! Green World Landscaping Svcs Inc. is a fully insured business that provides quality work for an affordable price.





We are grateful and appreciative of your interest in our business. Our goal is that you feel confident in our ability to meet all of your expectations and know that our customers are always our number one focus and priority. When Green World Landscaping Svcs Inc. works on your property, our professionals know what to do, and when to do it. 


lawn care 

Let us care your grass and give your proprety a new vision.

we have weekly & bi-weekly lawn maintenance.


Dethatching is a lawn maintenance service that should be performed every other year. Dethatching allows us to get to the root of your dead, dull grass leaving the healthy, vibrant grass room to grow and expand ultimately leaving you with that luscious green yard you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of Dethatching

Thatch, in your lawn, is no more than a layer of dead grass – or plant material – that includes roots, grass and leaves, which lay on the surface of the soil. While some may consider it a “compost” material, it is actually a decomposing plant material that can suffocate your lawn. To ensure a healthy lawn after a long and cold Pittsburgh winter, it is important to expose the soil to warmth and sunlight. The best way to do this is to dethatch your lawn. Dethatching provides many benefits, including

Healthy Root Growth in Your Grass

If you have a build up of thatch, healthy root growth is nearly impossible. If the roots aren’t healthy, your grass will never become full, green and thick. By dethatching, you are able to help circulate air deep down into the roots, and providing necessary carbon dioxide. Not only does this stimulate existing roots, but also encourages new root growth.


Preserving the value of your property through expert maintenance is as important as good planning and construction.

Your Landscape is probably your largest uninsured asset. Keep your valuable trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and lawn at their healthiest and looking their best.

We offer full maintenance services.












Fall provides an opportunity to spruce up your yard and cut down on the work your yard and gardens will need when the weather turns warm again in the spring. Every yard will benefit from a fall cleanup. Having a fall cleanup now will really pay off in the spring.

Raking leaves out of your beds (not all the leaves though as leaving some leaves will insulate the plants and add valuable nutrients to the plant as they decompose) will keep your perennials and bushes from being smothered during the winter months. We here at Patti Williams Gardening know exactly how much of the leaves to leave and how much to rake out. Let the professionals do your fall cleanup for you!

Also part of a fall cleanup includes weeding. Weeding is probably the most valuable thing you can do to prepare for spring. This will insure that over wintering weeds won't spring up in the spring thus saving you money going forward.


Another component of the fall cleanup is planting spring bulbs. Fall is not only the time to clean up the yard and gardens but it's also the perfect time to plant those spring flowering bulbs such as tulips and daffodils. Flowering spring bulbs are such a joy to look at in early spring when winter is starting to recede and cabin fever is at it's worst. We here at Green World Landscaping will know exactly when to plant your spring bulbs. Too early could cause them to sprout before winter and too late could cause their roots to not have enough time to develop their root system before the ground freezes.

Call us here at (774)360-7693 for all your fall cleanup needs.

Gutter cleaning 

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the beauty and value of your home. When gutters are full of leaves and debris they become heavy and get pulled off pitch. This can result in damage. As water overflows it leaks behind the gutter and can travel into your home.

Gutters play a vital role in the maintenance and protection of your home. They are part of the rainwater drainage system that helps prevent:

* deck and foundation damage

  •  deck and foundation damage

  • termite, mosquito and rodent infestations

  • landscape destruction

  • mold growth

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